Technology Resource Augmentation

Anthroplace's staffing practice focuses on providing resources at the time and cost that is optimum for the client. Our quality focus ensures we meet your specific business objectives. We source from a global talent pool consisting candidates from India and all of the South East Asian countries and consistently provide the best candidates – well matched and delivered on time.

Tech services

Temp Hiring

Other than significant cost savings, this also expedites projects at minimal risk.

  • Our hiring expertise has helped us tremendously in keeping low TAT
  • We use a fine-filter evaluation process that ensures only the most qualified candidates are identified
  • We use industry-leading comprehensive background checks that guarantee candidates meet the highest standards
  • We have a completely IT enabled recruitment management system with auto parsing and all modern applicant tracking system features along with specific tools for staffing and payroll management which makes us a very reliable staffing partner. Our preferred business model is contract to hire
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