HR Advisory Services

Our HR Advisory services help in forecasting the need of organizations to change their HR strategy and structure to keep pace with dynamic market economics. Our services are designed to enhance Human Capital value in organizations by crafting tailored HR Solutions addressing each clients needs. Our services include seamless expertise on implementation of designed ideas. We have special ability in the space of HR audits, HR policy formulation, 3rd party appraisals, mystery audits, Training and development,design and implementation of HRMS etc.


HR Policies & Process Development

We have done extensive work in providing our services to start-ups or small and mid-size businesses that possess limited in-house HR expertise. Our experienced consultants serve as an extension of the client’s HR department, delivering a combination of expert advice and implementation support to serve the startup and ongoing needs. Our consultants work on a time based agreement and are available on-site for day-to-day interaction with management and employees, functioning as true strategic partners, within the team.

Our services cover the full spectrum of the Human Resources function across the employee life cycle. This includes the entire gamut of processes from hiring, defining policies, setting up HR systems and ensuring implementation.

At other stages we have assisted several organizations to articulate and implement a clear HR strategy to address aspects such as recruitment, talent management, retention, organization capability building as well as balance complex issues of cost management in the process. We work closely with our clients over a long period of time to ensure the effectiveness of such strategies.

For continuous evaluation and improvement of the company’s policies, we use the HR Audit as a diagnostic tool to assess the quality, maturity and effectiveness of current HR practices against industry norms and its impact on the organization’s business goals.

HR services

Reward Management

To enable retention of employees and create a performance culture, we assist organizations in designing Incentive programs for various levels and categories of staff. This covers the entire range of incentive from Sales incentive plans to Variable pay programs for management staff. We assist our clients in defining the appropriate performance parameters to ensure alignment with business objectives besides the detailed objectives of the plan.

Our services also include support in the design, communication and implementation of the recommended reward strategy. We work closely with HR/ Compensation teams on the roll out of the strategy as well as in training them in identified areas of reward management.

HR services

Change Management

With any change management project we believe success depends on articulating change and its impact from the outset. Our experience, methodology, and tailored approach help you promote adoption, engage employees, and capitalise on sustainable solutions for change.
Change Management Implementation and monitoring: We are sensitive to the fact that transformation is beyond restructuring organizations. Hence our portfolio of services also includes Change Management initiatives like Visioning, Culture building, building Employer brand, driving performance culture, capability building etc.
HR services

Organization Design

Whatever your company is facing from mergers and acquisitions – to new strategy roll out- to upcoming retirement of key leaders- we bring the unique combined perspective of people engagement and business results to everything we do.


Workforce Effectiveness: We carry out a systematic review of the workforce numbers and employment model in order to help companies bring in greater efficiencies and optimize resources. We use a multi-dimensional assessment to understand roles and their level of occupancy, issues in processes or systems, the volume of work/transactions handled, spans of control, employee ratios etc. bearing in mind changes anticipated in the context of the business plans.

Job Design/Evaluation: We work with organizations to carry out Job Evaluation and Job Banding exercises to stream-line the organization hierarchy, develop job bands, assist in designing career-paths for roles as well as form one of the inputs into the reward strategy.

Job Description: As part of our organization restructuring and design portfolio, we also work with clients to do job analysis and documentation of roles in job descriptions. We help our clients either develop a new job description framework or rationalize existing ones to accurately reflect a position’s key job responsibilities and the essential skills, experience and competencies required for the job.The job descriptions also form inputs into Job Evaluation exercises and are reference documents for other HR processes viz. training, recruitment, performance management, competency and career paths.

HR services

Human Capital Consulting

Propelled by employee interests and integrated at every point at employee life cycle we develop solutions that are embraced, effective and enduring.

Leadership development: We work with companies to develop their entire Learning & Development strategy including Leadership Development. Our strength lies in identifying the developmental focus areas and skills required by different target groups of employees in the organization and subsequently creating customized learning interventions.Our 360 degree feedback is also a versatile business tool which gathers behavioural insights on an individual in order to build a strong leadership pipeline for the organization.

Competency modeling: In the area of competencies, we specialize in conducting customized competency based assessment and development centres to manage talent, develop competencies and identify high potential employees for our clients.

Performance management: We collaborate with the client on the content, methodology and administration of the system to ensure that it is perceived as a fair and meaningful process to key stakeholders. This covers areas like creating the appraisal forms, defining targets and competencies, choosing rating schemes and describing performance levels. We link performance parameters to business imperatives so that the results are quantifiable and are aligned to achieve organizational growth and support the company’s values and purpose. We facilitate the translation of the business plans to action steps via Goal setting workshops. We also support clients in the design and deployment of the Balance Scorecard. Our role further includes cascading the goals and metrics to the workforce to ensure that each employee understands their role in achieving the organizations goals.

Strategic HR Management: We help our clients design and implement transformation initiatives at various stages of organizational life cycle as well as during major corporate change events including changes in business goals, management ownership, entry into new businesses & markets, changes in business models, technology systems, performance expectations etc. Rather than a one size fits all approach to our HR transformation consulting, we use a customized process for our clients across varied sizes, sectors and complexities. These are long duration engagements over a span of 6 – 18 months, and incorporate a combination of our services across compensation & benefits, organization design, job evaluation, design of work levels & bands, performance management as well institutionalization of various HR policies & processes.

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