Executive Search

Anthroplace Consulting helps build effective leadership teams for companies. Our experience, relationships with senior-level executives, and commitment to quality service; provides clients with access to the best talent network.

We are a leading provider of quality executive services in India. We undertake executive search assignments and have satisfied many reputed clients for their human resource needs. Our clients include companies like Deloitte Consulting, Accenture, Wipro, TCS, SkyTech Solutions, Perot Systems,  UshaComm, Atos Origin, GTL, Bluestar, Alstom, Eforce Global, RS Software, Macmet India, HCL Technologies etc. 

Our executive search professionals bring significant experience and expertise to each client. Our consultants are HR professionals, who understand the clients' operations, business strategies, and competitive landscape, thereby improving our ability to serve our client's. 

Our practice specialization allows focused attention on both key industry segments and functional expertise. This level of industry and functional specialization provides us access to a variety of uniquely qualified executives.

Rich database and intensive networking help in selecting those best suited through comprehensive, quality assured search processes 
A high degree of sensitivity and absolute confidentiality
Executing Search assignments successfully within demanding delivery deadlines
Our Terms
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Head Hunting Selection
This service addresses client requirements for Senior / Top Management professionals to take on Functional / Business leadership responsibility. 
Database Selection
Junior and Middle Management personnel searched on extensive databank of candidates. 
Regular walk-in on a day-to-day basis  
Screening and validating candidates, saving on clients' precious time 
Regular CV updates to keep its databank current and relevant 
Advertised Selection
Strategic choice
Guided by volume of requirements
The ease of drawing out suitable candidates
Brand Building exercise Turnkey Recruitment 
Address the need for large-scale recruitment for clients, particularly at entry-level and junior management levels.
Well-suited are start-ups, new projects, plant expansion, scale up of team sizes and geographical expansion of teams.
Manages sourcing and selection processes for clients 
Our Approach

Assessment of needs

Working as a team with the client, we analyze the company’s needs to determine the required set of skills, understand organizational relationships, define the required experience, and identify the characteristics necessary for the successful candidate.

Specifications of the Position

We outline the responsibilities of the position, qualifications required of the ideal candidate, and criteria for success. This specification guides our search efforts.


The specification shared with our consultants with relevant industry and functional expertise to pinpoint sources and prospects. Our team accesses our databases as well as get our networks to work. 

Identify right candidates

Our Consultants make selective calls to sources and prospects to identify and interest qualified individuals. During this period, the consultant reports progress frequently to the client.

Interviews and Evaluation

Likely prospects are interviewed by the consultant who evaluates each on the basis of experience and potential fit with the client organization.

Send short listed profiles to Client

Short listed profiles, who most closely fit the position specification are sent to the client

Arrangement of Interviews with client

The consultant schedules a mutually convenient meeting between the client and each candidate. After each interview, the consultant contacts both the client and the candidates for feedback.

Reference Check of Successful Candidate

Once the client selects the final candidate, the consultant contacts individuals who are capable of providing insights about the candidate’s background. The collective comments made by these references are then reviewed with the client.

Completion of the Search

As the search comes to a close, the consultant can assist in structuring of the compensation package if the client wishes. Once the successful candidate is in place, the consultant who worked on the search is available to support the newcomer’s successful integration into the client team.

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